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Timberwolves’ Karl-Anthony Towns suffers calf strain injury



On Monday night, Karl-Anthony Towns sustained a noncontact leg injury during the third quarter of the Minnesota Timberwolves’ 142-127 loss to the Washington Wizards. His status is now listed as day-to-day.

Towns was spotted grabbing his right leg as he went down near midcourt. After the loss, Timberwolves coach Chris Finch revealed it was a right calf strain. The three-time All-Star is undergoing an MRI on his leg on Tuesday.

According to some NBA betting sites, the Timberwolves have the 17th-best odds to win the championship in 2023. A few sportsbooks show higher odds for the Dallas Mavericks and New Orleans Pelicans.

Per Dr. Evan Jeffries, DPT, the recovery time for a calf strain depends on the severity of the injury. That should go without saying. A Grade I injury takes 1-2 weeks to heal.

Of course, a Grade II takes 4-6 weeks. And Grade III is 3-4 months. Grade III calf strains can require surgery. Since Towns’ injury was noncontact, he will likely require rest for a couple of weeks.

Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns suffers noncontact leg injury against Wizards

After 22 minutes, Towns ended his night with eight points, two rebounds, and four assists. He finished 2-of-6 (33.3%) shooting from the field and missed a shot from downtown.

Through 21 starts this season, the Wolves center is averaging 20.8 points, 8.2 boards, and 5.3 assists. Plus, he’s shooting 50.5% from the floor and 32.5% from outside the arc.

On Nov. 16, in Minnesota’s 126-108 win over the Orlando Magic, Towns scored a season-high 30 points off 66.7% shooting from the field in 37 minutes. Also, he finished with five rebounds, five assists, and one steal.

Moving forward, it’s unclear how Towns’ injury will affect the Timberwolves. With the 27-year-old, the team went on a five-game winning streak. However, Minnesota is now on a three-game skid.

With Towns, the Wolves rank 11th this season in scoring, averaging 114.6 points per game. But they have struggled defensively. Minnesota is allowing 116 points per game, which ranks 23rd overall.

Not to mention, the Timberwolves are averaging 51.9 rebounds per game, ranking 17th in the league. While the center is not the problem, he might not be the solution either. Minnesota has still underperformed in the paint with Towns on the court.

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Nikola Jokic 4th NBA Player With Triple-Double Against Every Team




Denver Nuggets star Nikola Jokic became the first player in NBA history to shoot 10 of 10 from the field and record 15 rebounds and 15 assists in a triple-double game, in Thursday night’s 130-110 win over the Washington Wizards.

The six-time All-Star center closed out his performance with 21 points, 19 rebounds, 15 assists, and one steal in a little over 31 minutes of action. It was his 16th triple-double of the season, second to Domantas Sabonis‘ 18.

It was his third triple-double with a perfect shooting percentage on 10 or more attempts — and he’s the only player since the NBA-ABA merger to accomplish that feat once, according to OptaSTATS.

Per multiple NBA betting sites, Jokic is the odds-on favorite to win MVP this season. Sportsbooks are still showing great odds for Luka Doncic, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, and Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Jokic, 29, also became the fourth player in NBA history to record at least one triple-double against every opponent in the league. He nearly got there in the first half, amassing 10 points, 14 rebounds, and nine assists.

“After I finish my career, it’s a legacy and milestone,” Jokic said. “I’m going to look back and I’m going to say that’s a really cool thing to do.”

Nikola Jokic became the fourth NBA player to record a triple-double against every opponent

LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, and Maurice Stokes are the other three NBA players with a triple-double against every team. James is with his third team, whereas Westbrook has played for five different franchises.

Stokes played just three seasons (1955-58) in the ’50s, when the league had only eight teams.

He played his first two seasons with the Rochester Royals, and then owners Lester and Jack Harrison moved the franchise to Cincinnati, where he finished his career.

Nuggets coach Michael Malone praised Jokic after the victory.

“What’s unique about him is he can impose his will in so many different areas,” Malone said. “Some guys were great scorers, but Nikola, he can score, he can rebound, he can play-make. He can just impact the game across the board. As we always talk about, he’s just the definition of greatness.”

Westbrook is the NBA’s all-time leader in career triple-doubles with 198. Oscar Robertson is second with 181, followed by Magic Johnson (138), Jokic (121), James (110), Jason Kidd (107), and other all-time greats.

Trailing Sabonis and Jokic in triple-doubles this season include Doncic (10), Antetokounmpo (7), James (3), Scottie Barnes (3), Anthony Davis (2), Joel Embiid (2), and Josh Hart (2).

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Nikola Jokic Makes History…Again – Basketball Insiders




Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets came back from the All-Star Break looking refreshed and ready to show the league why they are the defending champions. While they played the struggling Washington Wizards, the Nuggets returned to dominant form after a three-game losing streak before the All-Star Break. However, the story of the night was reigning Finals MVP, Nikola Jokic. Jokic made history yet again as he posted an unthinkable stat-line and made history with the triple-double he recorded (21 points, 19 rebounds, 15 assists, and 100 percent shooting from the field).

Nikola Jokic Continues to Add to His Legacy in Dominant Win Over Washington Wizards

Nikola Jokic’s Perfect Game From the Field

The Serbian sensation passed Wilt Chamberlain for most 20-10-10 games without missing a shot in NBA history. He is also the first player in league history to finish a game with at least 15 points, 15 rebounds, and 15 assists while shooting perfect from the field. Anytime a player who is the number one or two option on a team and does not miss a single shot from the field, it is extremely impressive.

The fact that the Joker has now done this a total of three times is borderline unfathomable. Jokic’s efficiency alone makes him one of, if not, the best center in the entire NBA. Without him, the Nuggets would be a play-in team at best. Jokic has already proven himself in today’s league. However, the fact he continues to dominate the league as he has is very reminiscent of greats like Tim Duncan and Dirk Nowitzki. His one hundred percent shooting night was not the only thing he accomplished in the win over the Washington Wizards.

He Joins Elite Company With His Triple-Double

Jokic has now recorded a triple-double against every team in the league (besides the Nuggets of course). He joins LeBron James and Russell Westbrook as the only players in NBA history to accomplish such a feat. Currently, the Joker has a career total of 121 triple-doubles. He only trails Magic Johnson (138), Oscar Robertson (181), and Russell Westbrook (198) on the all-time list in this department.

What is most impressive about this fact is that Jokic is a center. Normally, centers are nowhere near as adept passers as guards and forwards. However, Nikola Jokic is one of a kind. With the Denver Nuggets rested after the All-Star Break, the rest of the league could be in for a rude awakening as Nikola Jokic continues to make a solid case for his third league MVP award.

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Jayson Tatum is convinced he’s ready to become next face of NBA




As Jayson Tatum is enjoying his seventh NBA competition like no other, the Celtics are the top-leading team in regular season for a third-straight campaign. This is mostly due to his contributions and a strong sense of collectiveness inside the Boston squad. 

As for the 25-year-old, he’s been putting in the work. Not only is his talent and ethic unmatched, he says he’s ready for the mental challenges of stardom. The young forward believes it is finally time to earn some credit as a future NBA great and eventual champion.

As the Celtics are 44-12 and atop the Eastern Conference, once again the Massachusetts club are favorites to conquer this year’s crown in the spring. Tatum is enamored with the way his teammates are playing.

“I just love the way that we’re playing,” he recently told ESPN. “Obviously I love our record … but the way that we’re playing, the way guys are coexisting together, there’s a difference from last year. I love where we’re at this year compared to last season.”

Jayson is averaging 27.1 points while shooting 47.5% from the field, which is the most efficient percentage of his career, plus 8.5 rebounds and 4.8 assists per contest.

Even though he admires many players in the league, he’s convinced that he’s currently the best player out there. “I got a lot of respect for a lot of guys in the league,” said the Boston star. “I truly do believe every time I step on the floor I’m the best player.”

“It’s my seventh year in the league,” Tatum continued. “I’m very confident because I know how hard I worked. I know how much I put into this game. I know how badly I want to be one of the best, how badly I want to win. Why wouldn’t I be confident? Because I know how hard I worked.”

When asked about who is the next face of the NBA, now that LeBron James’ generation is coming to an end, he feels his chance is finally here. “I feel like it’s mine to take,” said the soon-to-be 26-year-old. “I do feel like, if we win a championship, it would be more distinguished and clear. But I understand I’m in that shortlist for sure.”

Coach Joe Mazzulla assures that Tatum is underrated in the MVP conversation, as he’s earned himself his place

Joe Mazzulla, who is enjoying his second year as a head coach in the NBA, wasn’t shy at all about making a case for his pupil as the league’s MVP. He believes the five-time All-Star has proved himself time and time again to have what it takes to earn a place at the top.

“Yes,” the tactician said when asked if Tatum deserved to be MVP. “I think defining what ‘most valuable’ means — it’s not just about scoring — it’s the ability to have sustainable success, to make the people around you better, and the ability to be great.”

The Boston trainer not only believes that he has the talent, but that he’s been the most consistent athlete in the league as he’s only missed three matches so far this season.

“He’s done it for a long time,” Mazzulla reminded the press. “I think he’s underrated in that conversation and it’s something that I think he’s doing a great job of reshaping what it means to be the best player — he does it every night and he does it differently. You really have to watch the games to understand how he has an impact on himself and his teammates. He should be [more in the MVP conversation].”

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